•  How do I know your suppliers are really good?

The list of our suppliers was carefully chosen with years of experience in production and nightlife in Tel Aviv. There is no name in the list that we do not stand behind and know that we give us  peace of mind. Our vendor list is of high standard and focused and most importantly versatile, in order to really promise every event it’s own unique style and character.

  • If I’m interested in another supplier that is not in the list?

If you are interested in a particular supplier not listed with us, that does not mean we cannot work with him, just let us know and we will send you the price quote.

  • What kind of unique events do you do?

The right question for us, is not which events we do, but what are our inspirations … And here is where you come into the picture. It is important for us to understand and get to know you and find something that will characterize your event with your personal seal … We can translate any idea really – HOLIDAYS (Purim, Shavuot, Passover …), selected destinations (Carnival, Mexican), weddings “under the sea” or a black tie event, and many more, truly one page is not enough … To summarize it in one sentence – trust us, that after your event – everyone will be talking about it.