Why us?

First and foremost, the founders of EVER AFTER are exactly who you want next to you during the production of such an event, specially if it is away from your homeland – in Israel. We have a lot of experience, creativity, the right connections, and the organizational skills needed for the event to go exactly according to plan. We believe that service is the key to success. We know how special this day is, how hard it is to plan an event abroad, and what is on the line. We thought of everything: for every hurdle, a solution is found, every concern recieves reassurance and any questions will be answered directly, without evasion. Client’s interest is our interest – from beginning to end, do not forget your wedding is our calling card …

In addition, we are here to “do the job” – our ultimate goal is to lower the pressure and friction to a minimum and just do the job. An event of a lifetime often involves great expense and a lot of worries. We are here to find the best suppliers that will provide premium  quality of service and at the same time do not exceed your budget.

Most importantly, the product we offer you is unique in the market – we do not see you in as another customer, but to the contrary, we understand, that you are unique. Our events are not cookie cutter, but sewn directly to our customer … According to your personal needs and to your deepest desires we will match the perfect service providers to make your day special and eventful.