Who are we?

Tal ReshefTal Reshef: “I was raised in South and Central America, due to father’s hectic job, and came back to Israel during my high school years. Here in Israel I found an even more spicy and energetic country, I can call home. Filled with so much heritage… I knew that my feelings as a Jewish person returning to Israel, would follow me to my chosen line of work… My education is a BA in Communications and Business Administration accompanied by an impressive resume in producing events from all walks of life – conventions, fundraisers, governmental, business and the private sector.

“If you ask me what I bring to the table… first and foremost I speak three languages –Spanish, English and Hebrew. But moreover, I would say a lot of experience, organizational ability, excellent customer relationships and relevant relationships with market leading suppliers required in organizing events… oh, and also a lot of personality….”

Amit KorenAmit Koren: ”I was born and raised here in Israel, in an enchanted subarb – Ramat Hasharon. I got to know my partners during our BA in communication and Business Administration studies here in Tel Aviv. After my bachelor degree I found myself drawn to PR and was fortunate to work with some of the largest clients in Israel. I decided to enhance my abilities by taking a year off to complete an MBA in International Business at Tel Aviv University.

“What do I bring to the table? Academic knowledge and practical management skills needed to run a business… but also a lot of creative thought, very good personal and professional skills accompanied by the much needed connections required to align with the strongest suppliers in the market.”

עידו סגלIdo Segal: “I am originally from here in Israel, academic wise I also have a Bachelor of Communication and Business Administration – where I met both my partners… I started my career as a Marketing and Sales manager for a high tech company. Over the past decade, I decided to really pursue my passion and exploit my great interpersonal relations and started building a name for myself in the Israeli night life. I am a proud owner of a number of bars and clubs in Tel Aviv, and produced numerous large music festivals across the country gaining a lot of experience with producing events in unconventional places.

“The relationship and connections I have from my vast experience in the night life translate beautifully to my contribution to the EVER AFTER family. I certainly add to the mix a lot of knowledge and experience in producing events, specializing in producing unconventional events that can really embody the Israeli scenery. Also, a lot of personal and professional knowledge of the best service providers in the country in music, sound, constructions and much more.”